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Exam 1 Study Guide

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Exam 1 Study Guide


Notes: definitions with examples

Study Guide
University at Buffalo, The State University of New York
Bio 319 - Genetics
Genetics Documents

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BIO 319 Exam 1 Study Guide Lectures 1 10 Lecture 1 August 25th Gene Function Genotype information storage information transmittal accurate Phenotype gene expression gene products affecting phenotype Evolution changes in gene that allow us to adapt Gene Expression Gene Gene product RNA Protein function structure Genetics Methods Mutation changes a gene s function usually gene loses its function o Selection look for antibiotic resistance Recombination happens a lot Rearrangement of genome b w chromosomes in a cell o Example HIV o b w homologous same o b w heterologous different complementation make whole o 1 gene 1 complementation o Same complementation group cannot complement Because they have the same mutation o Complementation assay Minimum number of genes for phenotype Lecture 2 August 27th Complementation assays Whole group of mutants Cross each one with each other o Screen phenotype of progeny Gene structure unit nucleotide Base Sugar Phosphate Nucleic acid nucleotides linked together DNA RNA Draw Ribose and 2 Deoxy Draw and memorize cytosine guanine and adenine uracil thymine Nucleic acids connect nucleotide via a phosphate o 5 P attaches at 3 end o 5 3 3 5 is antiparallel DNA Double stranded Has thymine 2 deoxy Right handed Form B RNA Single stranded Has uracil 2 OH Form A Helics Lecture 3 august 29th DNA Supercoils In same direction as helix turns o supercoil Opposite direction of helix o supercoil DNA is under wound and is supercoil What hold the DNA together DNA stability Hydrophobic interactions o Hydrophobic bases stack on each other Increases entropy H2O is less ordered Reason water molecule orders itself around the hydrophobic molecules H bonds G has 3 bonds with C and A has 2 bonds with T U Melting Curve Identifies double and single strand of DNA and purifies DNA Tm temperature when DNA is single strand Tm depends upon GC GC bonds are more stable than AT U Melting Curve Renauration Curve Controls temperature to hybridize need to be below Tm Single

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