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Exam 1 Study Guide

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Exam 1 Study Guide


includes formulas, examples and terms

Study Guide
East Carolina University
Psyc 2101 - Psychological Statistics
Psychological Statistics Documents

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PSYC 2101 Exam 1 Study Guide Lectures 1 6 Lecture 1 Discourse and Logic Determine what can be known by reason Advantage skepticism Problem lacks data to support conclusion Goals of Psychological Research Describe behavior Predict behavior circumstances Explain behavior determine its causes Control behavior Two Branches of Statistics 1 Descriptive numbers used to summarize organize describe data Ex mean median 2 Inferential data from a sample draw conclusions about a population Who do we measure Population all individuals we re interested in Sample subset of a population The hypo deductive process A loop Theory Deduction Deduction Hypothesis Hypothesis Induction Induction Theory Lecture 2 Statistics and Parameters Remember samples and populations Statistic values summarizing samples Parameter values summarizing populations Randomness Random sampling How we get a sample Random assignment Once we have the sample when you re putting this sample in a group Variables Scales of variables 1 Nominal 2 Ordinal 3 Interval 4 Ratio Variables Nominal simple assignments to a category Ex gender Ordinal ranking allows more or less judgement but not how much more or less Ex ranking in a race like 1st 2nd and 3rd Interval ranking with equal intervals between the ranks Intervals equal across scale Ratio interval scale but with a meaningful zero point Ex time and temperature Independent IV variable you can t control that get measured Dependent DV variable being controlled Experiment Hurry and Helping Batson et al 1978 Question Does being in a hurry to get somewhere affect our likelihood of helping others Method Participants began experiment in one building After filling out personality measures they were told the rest of the experiment would be in a second building were told they were late and had to hurry were told they had plenty of time to get to the other building Encountered a man on the floor coughing and groaning Measured amount of helping amount of time to travel between

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