WSU PSYCH 308 - Exam 1 Study Guide (7 pages)

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Exam 1 Study Guide

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Exam 1 Study Guide


Covers Unit 1 Lecture material

Study Guide
Washington State University
Psych 308 - organizational psychology

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Organizational Psych 308 Exam 1 Study Guide Unit 1 Lectures Introduction to Organizational Psychology 1 What is the definition of organizational psychology The application of psychological principles to the workplace the study of organizations and the people who work in them 2 What does SIOP stand for Association of Industrial Organizational Psychologists under the APA 3 What are the three primary goals of IO 1 Increase employee satisfaction 2 Increase employee well being 3 Increase employee productivity HAPPY HEALTHY PRODUCTIVE 4 Which topics in IO are industrial which are organizational Industrial Job analysis personnel selection performance appraisal training personality at work Organizational Motivation job satisfaction groups teams leadership work life balance organizational fairness legal issues 5 What disciplines does IO psych overlap with Human resources cognitive psychology social psychology management psychometrics statistics counseling psychology 6 What are some roles in IO Psych What do IO psychologists NOT do They can be employed in research academia lower salaried positions or as a practitioner or consultant Internal consultants work for a single organization whereas external consultants conduct project based work IO psychologists do NOT counsel History 1 Who are three major players in the development of IO psychology and what were each of their contributions a Fred Taylor Advocated scientific management and the application of empiricism in the workplace Said that efficiency can be measured b Max Weber Developed concept of bureaucracy stated that professional advancement should be based on merit and not on nepotism c Lewin developed the idea of action research 2 How was work originally conceived of over 100 yrs ago Informal passed down over generations mostly familial business 3 What characterized work during the Industrial Revolution Poor treatment of workers viewed as physical strength and nothing more 4 How was work conceptualized during the 1900s

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