IUB JOUR-J 110 - Newspapers and The News (4 pages)

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Newspapers and The News

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Newspapers and The News


History of Newspapers and the News: a Democratic Reflection

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Indiana University, Bloomington
Jour-J 110 - Foundatns of Jour & Mass Comm

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J110 1ST Edition Lecture 6 Outline of Last Lecture I Long Tail Media VS Short Head Media II Media Industry a Vertical Integration b Horizontal Integration c Globalization d Limits on Media Conglomeration Outline of Current Lecture I II III Newspapers and the News a What is News b Early Newspapers c Colonial Publishing d Early American Newspapers e Penny Press Revolution Reflections of a Democratic Society a Modern Democratic Society b Joseph Pulitzer c William Randolph Hearst d Tabloids Newspapers Today a 21st Century Newspapers NEWSPAPERS AND THE NEWS What is news 1 2 3 4 5 6 Timeliness News is NEW Proximity Prominence Impact Rarity Human Interest Early Newspapers Ancient Rome o Acta Diurna China 600s o Tpao Amsterdam 1618 o Curanto 1st English language paper Distributed through European coffee houses Church reformers John Calvin Martin Luther were among earliest publishers Colonial Publishing 1690 Publick Occurrences Only lasted for 1 edition Went out of business due to government intervention 1721 New England Curant James Franklin Ben s brother 1st paper published without By Authority notice James sent to prison Ben took over Early American Newspapers For the elite Published by political parties Focused on opinion Expensive small circulations o Everything changed with penny press Penny Press Revolution Benjamin Day s The New York Sun It shines for us all Sold on street for 1 or 2 cents Supported by advertising Started to focus on news Journalistic objectivity developed as a way to appeal to larger audiences o Multiple sides of an issue o Avoiding appearance of bias REFLECTIONS OF A DEMOCRATIC SOCIETY Modern Democratic Society More newspapers More people working for wages U S was changing RURAL Urban Promoted a democratic market based society Joseph Pulitzer New York World Creation of front page Headlines with news Targeted immigrants and women William Randolph Hearst New York Journal Rise of yellow journalism Popularized comics Sensationalistic stories o Fueled

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