ECU SOCI 1010 - Exam 1 Study Guide (7 pages)

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Exam 1 Study Guide

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Exam 1 Study Guide


Lectures 1-8, Term/Definitions & Ideas/Questions

Study Guide
East Carolina University
Soci 1010 - Race, Gender, Class
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SOCI 1010 1nd Edition Exam 1 Study Guide Lectures 1 8 Lecture 1 August 29 I Terms to know a Personal trouble private attributing a problem to the person example unemploymentlaziness not following policies etc b Public Issue public attributing a problem to something outside the person example unemployment budget cuts etc II Questions Ideas to ponder a What is sociology i Sociology is both an academic discipline and a unique perspective through which to view the world It s not about what sociologists study but how they study it b What are the three characteristics of sociology as an academic discipline i Human behaviors and interactions ii Patterns of behavior 1 Once behavior becomes patterns it shapes society iii Focuses on categories of people 1 Looking at how experiences vary by category c What is the sociological imagination according to C Wright Mills i A level of self consciousness and awareness of the relationship between personal experience and society d How are society and the individual connected i Society and the individual are inter connected There is a reciprocal relationship between the two Society affects the individual but individuals contribute to what society is Lecture 2 September 2 I Questions Ideas to Ponder a The Color Line and the Bus Line I What happened in the film 1 The film recalls a situation in which a young black teenager was killed in a traffic accident She was crossing a busy highway around Christmas time in order to get to her place of employment at the mall She was struck by a truck and was killed II What role may race have played 1 Race may have played a role because the transportation system did not allow her bus route Route 6 to stop at the new mall in town Route 6 stopped across the highway from the mall Many argued that it was a race played a part in the decision to not allow Route 6 to stop at the mall III Social v individual level explanations for the incident that occurred 1 Social explanations a East Buffalo was a very poor

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