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Indiana University, Bloomington
Mus-M 401 - History & Lit of Music I

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MUS M 401 1st Edition Lecture 8 Current Lecture Layers glossing the chant Choir Verse Solo Choir response Solo chant chant chant Chant chant organum with discant sections chant Organum with discant sections replace some passages with new clausulae chant Replace some passages With new clausulae NAWM 17 and 19 What did they value in this music It represented authorized chant It embellished chant and liturgy It used perfect consonances thus sounding beautiful and conforming to theory Each new type allowed greater artistry Was all done in service to God and church Motet NAWM 21 Same melody as chant but with new words Motet discant clausula and words Related to troping adding words to added music Motet motetus from French mot meaning word Motet titled by first words of each line chant Assonance same vowel repeats often often the most prominent vowel in original text is emphasized in new text Franco of Cologne Ars cantus mensurabilis The Art of Measurable Song ca 1280 Mensural notation double long Long Breve Semibreve NAWM 22 Adam de la Halle ca 1240 1288 De ma dame vient Dieus comment porroiel Omnes Franconian motet Petrus de Cruce mis 13 century early 14 th century Aucun ont trouve lonc tans Annuntiantes Petronian motet

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