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University of Colorado at Boulder
Comm 1210 - Perspectives on Human Communication

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COMM 1210 Lecture 4 Key Concepts I Conflict II Assertiveness III Fair fighting IV Validation IIV Negotiation V Communication skills as tools Clicker question According to Messages what is a basic defining feature of conflict A Competing interests I Conflict A communication situation in which a speaker wants to advance her his own interests over or against those of another speaker Inevitable but more often than not a positive outcome is possible II Foundations Basic skills Assertiveness skilled expressing and listening o Engage in the right kind of expressive in order to come off as assertive as well as listen to understand how to be assertive Fair Fighting skilled expressing Validation skilled expressing listening and self disclosure o Letting other person know your interests values r not aligned Negotiation skilled expressing listening You may encounter a conflict that can t be negotiated This happens when your opponents want the conflict more than they want a resolution Until you uncover and deal with such hidden agendas negotiation is impossible o You can uncover these hidden agendas III Do communication skills always work These notes represent a detailed interpretation of the professor s lecture GradeBuddy is best used as a supplement to your own notes not as a substitute Messages keep trying to send messages you will succeed o BUT o What if the other speaker is openly not interested in communicating with you Your skills will flounder in this situation o What if the other speaker is openly not interested in relating to you Again you cannot communicate successfully The more you try the more you will fail worsen issue IV Do communication skills always work for everyone What if You are living with a neurological disability that disables you from communicating and connecting with others You don t speak the local language well You belong to a disadvantaged persecuted minority in local society o Aren t even given the opportunity to speak before judgment You are in a

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