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Hip & Cool

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Hip & Cool


Merchants of Cool; Hp and Cool

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University of Georgia
Comm 2360 - Rhet & Pop Culture

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COMM 2360 1nd Edition Lecture 12 Outline of Last Lecture I Kids a Implications b Case Study 2 Disney II Merchants of Cool documentary Outline of Current Lecture I Merchants of Cool II Cool and Hip a Rushkoff Feedback Loop Current Lecture September 17 2014 Merchants of Cool documentary contd hip hop way to get to teens talk to them in a credible way o not selling product selling a lifestyle o NY marketing firm cornerstone hire kids to log into chatrooms and pose as another fan recruit incoming freshman to throw parties pass out promo material worked with Sprite smuggle Sprite s message into kid s worlds through DJs o Sprite fastest growing soft drink in the world then o big launch of website marriage of a corp and a culture Sprite a part of hip hop not just assoc with it has become an icon youth culture used to be act of expression and not consumption nostalgic view of past Newscorp Disney Viacom time warner universal o sell 90percent of music o own all major tv film networks station o all commercial cable channels o look at teen empire like national empire they re colonizing Brits are to Africa as Conglomerates are to teens These notes represent a detailed interpretation of the professor s lecture GradeBuddy is best used as a supplement to your own notes not as a substitute Coolest conglomerate of Viacom o second floor mtv all that mtv is a commercial sometimes explicit ad sometime music ad vid sometimes selling look on set sometimes upcoming movie that s paid for by same studio everything is an infomercial o cheap easy content ex direct effects show like sprite com party cam over head were mtv s cross promo free for all violates first rule of cool don t let your marketing show 2 guiding questions for today Contextualizing lecture 1 Why is cool a matter for teens and not kids a ended lecture saying that media marketing to younger aud i Rushkoff not talking about young children why is cool related to this demo and not a younger demo 2 What theory or school of thought

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