ECU SOCI 1010 - Definitions + Biology V. Social (Gender) (2 pages)

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Definitions + Biology V. Social (Gender)

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Definitions + Biology V. Social (Gender)


Intro to gender definitions, biological v social explanation, 4 steps of socialization

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East Carolina University
Soci 1010 - Race, Gender, Class
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SOCI 1010 1nd Edition Lecture 7 Outline of Last Lecture I Dominant Privilege Continued II Gender The Big Deal III Definitions Outline of Current Lecture I Definitions Continued II Explanation for Differences III 4 Steps of Socialization Current Lecture I Definitions Continued 1 Gender Roles What do I need to do to be perceived by society as a male or female i Behaviors tasks ii Ex Clothing sports that we play women volleyball men football 2 Gender Identity Who am I Who you see yourself as May or may not match your sex i Has nothing to do with society All about the individual 3 Gender attribution cues we use to recognize someone s gender i Physical behavioral textural mythic 4 Transgender umbrella term gender identity does not match biological sex 5 Cisgender when your physicality matches your gender identity in the way society says it should 6 Transexual medically meaningful Typically this term also falls under transgender 7 Sexual orientation sexual emotional romantic attractions i NOT the same as gender These notes represent a detailed interpretation of the professor s lecture GradeBuddy is best used as a supplement to your own notes not as a substitute ii We misuse sexual orientation as a cue II Explanation for Differences 1 Biological v Social explanation i The Social Construction of Gender ii Society helps create differences in gender we learn from our influences and interactions with others iii Not always conscious learning 1 Example Marathon world records overtime the gap between women and men gets closer Why Not because our physical bodies have changed but because it is more socially acceptable now for females to run and be athletic iv General Argument Gender differences not sex differences Roles are taught and learned III Four Steps of Socialization 1 Assigned to a category i Doctor uses visible genitalia 2 Gender is made visible i Gender markers 1 Ex Earrings in baby girls bows clothing colors names 3 Treated differently by others i If a little girl falls

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