UA CHEM 241A - Conforming Isomers (3 pages)

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Conforming Isomers

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Conforming Isomers


This lecture goes over conformational isomers and the conformations of ethane and butane

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Chem 241a - Lectures in Organic Chemistry

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Chem 241a 1nd Edition Lecture 5 Outline of Last Lecture I Continuation of nomenclature II Simple branch compounds III More complicated branched compounds IV Naming cycloalkanes Outline of Current Lecture I Conforming Isomers II Conformation of Cycloalkanes Current Lecture I Conforming Isomers a Energy forms of the same molecule that can be interconverted by simple bond rotations i These have the SAME MOLECULAR FORM and SAME CONNECTIVITY but different bonding schemes ii In order to see their conformities we must be able to picture them in 3D This is how we get to Newman Projections b Newman Projections describe 3D bonding i How we are looking at these molecules is from a side perspective so one of the carbons are hidden behind the other follow the red arrow ii Newman projections are drawn using two Y shaped lines and a circle The front Y represents the CH3 group in front the circle represents the bond between the two carbons The back upside down Y the one that is in pieces represents the back carbon and their CH3 groups iii The angle between a group in the front carbon and a group on the back carbon is called a dihedral angle If is 0 the two groups are eclipsed of each other If is 60 the two groups are gauche of each other If is 180 the two groups are anti of each other c There are two types of conformers i Staggered in between the spaces ii Eclipsed right behind each other d Types of conformers of ethane These notes represent a detailed interpretation of the professor s lecture GradeBuddy is best used as a supplement to your own notes not as a substitute e Conformers of Butane i The top row are the staggered conformations of butane The gauche confirmations are the same energy as each other and have more energy than the anti staggered ii The second row are the eclipsed conformations The two rightmost conformations are the same energy but less energetic than The Eclipsed confirmation the leftmost conformer iii However the eclipsed confirmations are higher energy than

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