IUB CHEM-C 101 - Exam 1 Study Guide (10 pages)

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Exam 1 Study Guide

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Exam 1 Study Guide


Exam 1 main points and key terms to know. Understand these and be able to conceptually apply them.

Study Guide
Indiana University, Bloomington

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Chem C 101 1st Edition Exam 1 Study Guide Lectures 1 3 This exam is very conceptual Study these terms and concepts but also do extra problems for practice and be able to apply them Read the corresponding chapters in the text book Do CALM work Exam covers chapters 1 3 and potentially some of 4 Chapter 1 Chemistry explanation of natural phenomena from experience central science bridge between principles of physics and practice of biology study of matter and changes it under goes Technology application of scientific knowledge Science explanation of structure of atom Matter stuf has mass and occupies space some difficult to detect ex air 1 Pure Substances single matter is present 2 Mixture 2 or more pure substances solution or solid Ex NaCl table salt water sugar Uncommon example is rock a Homogeneous same throughout solution i Ex tsp sugar in cup water ii Air N2 and O2 b Heterogeneous diferent rock garden i May appear homogeneous ii Ex sugar mixed with salt Elements 118 total 94 natural 24 man made 2 Types of Pure Substances 1 Elemental atoms of one element a Gold or oxygen 2 Compounds atoms of 2 diferent elements a Water or sugar Transformations in Matter 1 Physical Transformation of pure substance changes from state tostareand stays same pure substance Physical properties of water 3 states of mater solid liquid gas 2 Chemical Transformation way pure substance behaves when combined with other pure substances Ex Na metal water fire Scientific Method Ask questions Background Research Hypothesis Experiement Analyze conclusion Hypothesis Hypothesis false Try Again Go back to Hypothesis True Report Results Independent Variable what you change Dependent Variable outcome Law generalization that summarizes the outcome of a series of experiements Theory attempt to explain why a law exists Model Physical picture of mathematical expression of theory Chapter 2 Numerical quantities presented 2 ways 1 Exact Numbers Ex 7 days week money count it no uncertainties measurement

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