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Language and Worldview

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Language and Worldview


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University Of South Carolina-Columbia
Anth 102 - Understand Other Cult

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ANTH 102 1nd Edition Lecture 6 Outline of Last Lecture Interpretations of Magic and Witchcraf I Magic and Witchcraf II Magical Formula a Spells and Medicine b Fetish III Magic IV Interpreting Magic s Function V Interpreting Witchcraf s Function VI A Case Study in Zimbabwe a The Ndebele people b Defining Witchcraf in Zimbabwe i Witchcraf Suppression Act of 1899 c Recent Examples of Witchcraf in Zimbabwe i Mubobobo ii Tokoloshi iii Runyoka d Two Ways To Achieve the Status of Witch i Shave ii Apprentice and muti e Other Thoughts f Witchraf in Zimbabwe explains the inexplicable g Witchcraf Whites and other Non Blacks VII Final Thoughts Outline of Current Lecture Language and Worldview I Linguistic Anthropology a Communication b Linguistic Anthropologists work in many areas II Language a Definition b Symbol III Language and Worldview These notes represent a detailed interpretation of the professor s lecture GradeBuddy is best used as a supplement to your own notes not as a substitute IV a What makes human communication unique i Language ii Infinite productivity iii Displacement b Does the language we speak determine how we see the world i Sapir Whorf Hypothesis ii Linguistic determinism iii Sociolinguistics c Do languages evolve and change If so how i Pidgins ii Bilingualism Linguistic Pluralism d Is it possible to communicate without speaking i Paralanguage ii Kinesics Language Fun Facts Current Lecture Language and Worldview I II Linguistic Anthropology a In a nutshell linguistic anthropology is the study of communication b Communication i The conveyance of meaningful messages from one being to another ii Via verbal and nonverbal cues c Linguistic Anthropology arose in the USA as a response to disappearing Native American languages due to forced assimilation iii There came a realization Many non Western languages are not written d Linguistic Anthropology works to establish an oral and written record of languages around the world e Language has an associative power

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