UNT CHEM 1415 - Exam 1 Study Guide (8 pages)

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Exam 1 Study Guide

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Exam 1 Study Guide


A detailed summary of the first seven lectures. Tables and equations have been inserted where appropriate.

Study Guide
University of North Texas
Chem 1415 - Gen Chem Engineers

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CHEM 1415 1nd Edition Exam 1 Study Guide Lectures 1 7 Lecture 1 August 26 Introduction to the Chemistry for Engineering Majors Course Observations and Models Measurements Three Levels of Understanding or Perspectives on the nature of Chemistry 1 Macroscopic Perspective observing chemical reactions a matter anything that has mass and can be observed b Physical properties variable that we can measure without changing the identity of the substance being observed i e density i Malleability measure of a material s ability to be rolled or hammered into thin sheets c Chemical properties associated with the types of chemical changes that a substance undergoes i Combustion burning of oxygen d Three phases solid liquid gas 2 Microscopic Perspective dealing with concepts about atoms and molecules a Elements building blocks for all matter b Atoms unimaginably small particles that can t be made any smaller and still behave like a chemical system c Molecules groups of atomsheld together so that they form a unit whose identity is distinguishably different from the atoms alone 3 Symbolic Representation symbols used to represent the atoms molecules and reactions that make up the science Observations and models 1 Accuracy how close the observed value is to the true value 2 Precision spread in values obtained from the measurement 3 Inductive reasoning begins with a series of specific observations and attempts to generalize to a larger more universal conclusion 4 Deductive reasoning takes two or more statements or assertions and combines them so that a clear and irrefutable conclusion can be drawn 5 Model largely empirical descriptioin 6 Theory explanation that is grounded in some more fundamental principle or assumption about the behavior of the system Measurements Table for SI prefixes Factor Name 24 yotta 10 21 Zetta 10 18 Exa 10 15 Peta 10 12 Tera 10 9 Giga 10 6 Mega 10 3 Kilo 10 2 Hector 10 1 Deka 10 Symbol Y Z E P T G M K H da Factor 1 10 2 10 10 3 6 10 10 9 12 10 10 15 18 10 10

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