ISU BSC 160 - Eukaryote Cells (2 pages)

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Eukaryote Cells

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Eukaryote Cells


Eukaryote Cell overview

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Bsc 160 - Microbiology and Society
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BSC 160 1nd Edition Lecture 10 Outline of Last Lecture 1 Endospores 2 Flagella 3 Motility 4 Pili Fimbriae 5 Glycocalyx Outline of Current Lecture 1 Eukaryote Cells 2 Membrane Organelles 3 Cytoskeleton Current Lecture Eukaryotes Membrane bound Organelles within and roles 1 True nucleus Largest of organelles 2 membranes Nucleolus Ribosomes synthesized Nuclear pores Controls anything in or out goes thru these Transcription happens here DNA RNA 2 Chromosomes are linear multiple Associated w Histone proteins allow long pieces of DNA to wrap up into small packages 3 Golgi apparatus Movement processing of proteins for export Add sugar to proteins Protease digests proteins 4 Lysosomes Inside cell bag of proteins enzymes Digestion of proteins 5 Vesicles Movement of proteins 6 Endoplasmic reticulum Rough smooth Interconnected flattened set of tubes Not separate Outer nucleus membrane is connected to rough ER o Rough Synthesis of membrane proteins and Protein secretion Ribosomes docked to this o Smooth Detoxification Responsible for modifications of toxins brought into cell Sterols only synthesized here 7 Mitochondria ATP made 8 Plastids Chloroplasts For photosynthetic organisms Sugar water Multicellular Eukaryotes only have enough space to do this Requires cells to communicate Unique in domains Need more genes for coordination signaling Eukaryotes have large gene set and can handle it Cytoskeleton Eukaryotes have microfilament and microtubules made of actin and tubulin o Cell Shape o Motility in protozoa Flagellum one example o Cell division Chromosome separation and divide cells o Move organelles Bacterial Cytoskeleton FtsZ Found in division plane forms contractile ring MreB actin superfamily found encircling cell cell shape cell division both proteins essential RNA Polymerase Chart in notes Ribosome Chart in notes Cell walls in Eukaryotes

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