UGA TELE 3010 - Advertising in Media (3 pages)

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Advertising in Media

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Advertising in Media


Discussion of advertising in the media

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Tele 3010 - Intro Telecom

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TELE 3010 1nd Edition Lecture 7 Outline of Last Lecture I Media Conglomeration a Examples b Types of Ownership II Media as a Commodity a Fickle Audiences b Financing Television c New Media and Profits Outline of Current Lecture I The Role of Advertising a Measuring Audiences b Valuable Audiences c Advertising Effects Current Lecture Role of Advertising Advertising is the primary revenue source Advertising subsidizes the cost of production for Print newspapers magazines Broadcasting TV Radio Cable they make their money through subscriptions and advertising Internet advertisements are everywhere on the Internet Principle Objective selling audiences to advertisers Media Product Commodity A lure to attract audiences What kind of audiences Broadcasting the mass audiences Like The Super Bowl for example These notes represent a detailed interpretation of the professor s lecture GradeBuddy is best used as a supplement to your own notes not as a substitute Narrowcasting these look for niche audiences like the golf channel or BET with specific tastes interests or specific composition and demographics Demographics age sex race ethnicity income education and geography Psychographics lifestyle identity spending habits and tastes Measuring Audiences When you want to sell something to people you want to find out who these people are that are reading these magazines or watching this station Magazines they do this through the Census Bureau and through databases that maybe track things about people They want to find out who their readers are Broadcasting They use Arbitron radio and Nielsen ratings for television Also used a diary based system people writing down what they watch they weren t dependable because some people wouldn t admit to watching certain shows They can also lie and are inconsistent People Meters were a way to electronically engage in surveillance and see who was sitting in the room problem with this who wants that in their living room New Media The Amazon model

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