VCU ARTH 104 - Exam 1 Study Guide (3 pages)

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Exam 1 Study Guide

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Exam 1 Study Guide


overlook of Lectures 1-4

Study Guide
Virginia Commonwealth University
Arth 104 - Survey of Western Art

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ARTH104 1nd Edition Exam 1 Study Guide Lectures 1 4 Lecture 1 Introduction to Gothic Art 14th century Objectives form content and context o How does it look o What is happening in art o Who or where what is it being made for Rebirth of Classical art Term Renaissance coined by Petrorch term means rebirth Greco Roman dark ages golden age of rebirth of the classical world Ancient Greece Rome 6th Century BCE Humanism naturalism Athens gives birth to democracy International Gothic Art 14th 15th 16th century o End of gothic art scholasticism is the attempt to reconcile Christianity with a classical perspective in the gothic period o Gothic was dark as in ignorance it was a time of rebirth Vasari uses the term gothic as an insult meaning barbaric Lecture 2 End of Gothic period Art Dome of Florence created by Brunelesqhi o This cathedral went almost 40 years without its dome roof o This is a depiction of classical architecture o This is the first of its kind as in it is not anything like the gothic churches which normally had flying burttresses to sustain its structure Baticelli painting of the Medici family who held political power they were the wealthiest family in Florence Ghiberti Story of Isaac Donatello First in the classical art period to make a full sized figure sculpture Lecture 3 Early Renaissance Jan Van Eyck Painted the annunciation with accurate detail o It is an altarpiece triptic vessels in paintings during this time start to show hidden meanings that identify wealth status social status etc o This is not Italian painting type Portraits become more popular and repetitive during this time o Reveal psychological states in facial depiction and features o Van Eyck s most famous painting is Analfini and wife which has a lot of mystery to this day The title of this has changed over time because our meaning to the artwork has changed over time common reoccurrence with art Reference to Medici family Lots of detail in this painting suggests abundance wealth social

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