VCU ARTH 104 - Artists of the 16th century (2 pages)

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Artists of the 16th century

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Artists of the 16th century


Artists of the 16th century

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Virginia Commonwealth University
Arth 104 - Survey of Western Art

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ArtHi104 1nd Edition Lecture 4 Outline of Last Lecture I Intro to high renaissance II End of early renaissance Outline of Current Lecture 16th century art continued michaelangelo and other artists Current Lecture Michaelangelo created the pieta this type of architecture becomes as important as painting became a scholarly art sculptures are downgrading michaelangelo made life sized sculptures with deep complex emotion pietas always have a triangular depiction Michaelangelo David 13 feet tall however it is the most realistic looking figure of this time It is relaxed and natural The perspective is used in this figure the shoulders and head are larger than natural but it looks proportion because the statue is so tall This is often compared to Donatello s David which portrays completely different emotion Michaelangelo also painted the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel along with Rafael per request from Pope Julius the ceiling depicts images from the book of genesis old testament Ignudi art in the nude this is a direct reference to classical art and not Christian art Reformation in North High Northern Renaissance 1517 I II Revolution of questioning Christianity o Martin Luther creates the 95 thesis which list what he thinks is wrong with the church including the way art is used to portray the holy spirit and its faith Grunwald These notes represent a detailed interpretation of the professor s lecture GradeBuddy is best used as a supplement to your own notes not as a substitute o Isenhaim oil painting made for hospital that treated patients during the black plague o This art form was not Italian or classical but very gruesome and Gothic art Medieval o Depicts the crucifixion of Christ

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