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Witch Trials

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Witch Trials


We went over the Salem witch trials and theories as to why something like this could happen on such a mas scale in a small town. 67 arrested 20 sentenced to death.

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Indiana University, Bloomington
Rel-R 160 - Introduction to Religion in America

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REL 160 1st Edition Lecture 9 Review Theocracy a government grounded in specific religious ideals Outline of Current Lecture Massachusetts Bay Salem witch Trials Beginning Massachusetts Bay January 1692 till the Spring of 1693 lasted 18 months 63 were arrested 20 were executed 5 die in prison Something to think about When you are a community that puts full faith in the supernatural and spirits then can you turn a blind eye to supernatural claims When all you do is in the name of supernatural power you have to take into account the bad things as well If you don t acknowledge that demons and invisible men and black men and witches are real then that means that neither are angles and God and the Holy Spirit The second generations of puritans were hesitant of joining the church because they felt for lack of better terms like their story was lame In order to join the church you had to get up and share your story and how God was working in your life The Puritans felt that the covenant was not being upheld o King Philips war o Struggle with the natives These notes represent a detailed interpretation of the professor s lecture GradeBuddy is best used as a supplement to your own notes not as a substitute o 1680 s charter was nullified and they felt like they were no longer apart of their homeland o The generations post settlement didn t want to join the church o Wars with the French are breaking out They never knew if the catholic or French were going to come kill them o The time leading up till the witch trials they had gone through 3 or 4 ministers Either they could quite or the Puritans would not want them anymore and fire them Salem witch Trials Beginning 4 girls start acting up not paying attention in church disobeying body contorting The body is acting up they claimed to be being pinched This wouldn t have been this big of a deal however on of the girls was the ministers Samuel Parris daughter and the other his niece One woman picked up was a beggar a non conformist

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