GSU PSYC 3510 - Exam 2 Study Guide (5 pages)

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Exam 2 Study Guide

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Exam 2 Study Guide


This exam will cover chapters 2-4.

Study Guide
Georgia State University
Psyc 3510 - Intro Research Design & Analys
Intro Research Design & Analys Documents

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PSYC 3510 1st Edition Exam 2 Study Guide Lectures 2 4 Lecture 2 This lecture covers the sources of information Research vs Experience A Experience has no comparison group 1 Research needs to present falsifiable theories 2 There must be systematic data collection B Experience is confounded 1 Several possible explanations for an outcome Confusing C Research is probabilistic Research vs Intuition A Intuition is biased by faulty thinking 1 Being swayed by a good story Believing or accepting a conclusion because it makes sense 2 Availability heuristic Things that pop up easily in our mind that tend to guide our thinking particularly when events are vivid recent or memorable B Intuition is biased by motivation 1 Focusing on evidence we like best Cherry Picking information 2 Asking biased questions to get expected answers 3 Confirmatory Hypothesis Testing 4 Bias Blind Spot The belief that we are unlikely to fall prey to cognitive biases I Finding and Reading Research A Journal Articles Psychology s most important source a Meta analysis Combines the results of many studies and gives a number that summarizes the magnitude effect size of the relationship 1 Chapters in edited books a A collection of chapters on a common topic each written by a different contributor b Summarization of research explaining the theory c Only written by experts therefore not peer reviewed as rigorously 2 Full length books are not too popular among psychologists B Finding Sources 1 Psyc INFO a Best most comprehensive Only available at university library if subscribed b Updated weekly by the APA 2 Google Scholar a Only empirical articles and scholarly books b However not categorized and less organized C Reading the Research 1 Abstract Introduction Method Results Discussion References 2 Reading with a purpose a What is the argument b What is the evidence to support the argument 3 Less scholarly sources a Retail Bookshelf Written by psychologists for the general public b Trade Books written for

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