UGA NMIX 2020 - Printing in New Media (3 pages)

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Printing in New Media

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Printing in New Media


How we went from physical print to today's e-readers

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University of Georgia
Nmix 2020 - Introduction to New Media

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NMIX 2020 1nd Edition Lecture 2 Outline of Last Lecture I Science vs Technology II Key Parts a Communication travel of information b Computers physical devices that display information c Electronic beyond physical but created through science d Digital key to understanding the physical creation of media in technology e Convergence everything in industry media coming together III Digital IV Sound Vibrations V Digital vs Analog VI Fundamentals a Transmission b Storage c Manipulation d Search e Scale VII How Bits Affect Our Generation Outline of Current Lecture II Printing as New Media a The printing press and books i Bible number one selling book ii Dr Spock s The Pocket Book of Baby and Child Care 1 Number 2 selling book 2 Published in 1946 for 25 cents 3 Content wasn t very good but still sold 50 million copies a Warned against spoiling children iii Paperback Revolution also contributed to printing 1 Soldiers of WWII needed cheap reading material they could easily carry around 2 Created the pocketbook 3 Started military themed reading material III New Media Pioneer Johannes Gutenberg a Invention of mechanical moveable type sparked the printing revolution i 42 line Bible These notes represent a detailed interpretation of the professor s lecture GradeBuddy is best used as a supplement to your own notes not as a substitute b Contributed to software medium and production technology IV Impact of Writing a Separated the Knower from the known b Separated persons from information c Greek literature scientific methods laws etc were all beginning to be written d Knowledge lived long after the Knower V Medium a Paper created in China 105AD b Rags were torn soaked in water made into pulp and were left to dry in screen i Multiple uses VI Production Technology a Typography letter as a unit instead of a word as a unit i Standardized letters b Printing Press made of platen and screws c Ink i Natural origins heated linseed oil resin soap VII E Books a Digitized books formatted for e

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