TAMU PSYC 306 - Exam 1 Study Guide (10 pages)

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Exam 1 Study Guide

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Exam 1 Study Guide


Review of chapters 1, 3, and 19

Study Guide
Texas A&M University
Psyc 306 - Abnormal Psychology

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PSYC 306 1st Edition Exam 1 Study Guide Chapters 1 3 19 EARLY ASYLUMS Johann Weyer 1st to specialize in mental illness o Founder of the modern study of psychopathology Believed the mind was just as susceptible to illness as the body Gheel in Belgium o Forerunner of today s community mental health programs o Demonstrates that patients can respond to loving and respectful treatment DEFINITON OF ABNORMALITY Particular behaviors that prevent someone from functioning breaks social norms and is statistically infrequent PRESCRIBING PSYCHOLOGIST DOD Pilot Program Instituted 1989 o 10 clinical psychologists o 1997 Follow up 7 still prescribing Legal in 2 states o New Mexico o Louisiana CYBERTHERAPY the use of advanced technologies such as the internet or virtual reality as an adjunct to traditional forms of therapy PREVENTION interventions aimed at determining mental disorders before they can develop PSYCHOTROPIC MEDICATION a prescription drug that s used to treat or manage psychiatric symptoms or challenging behaviors DANGEROUSNESS cited as a feature of abnormal psychological functioning research suggests that its actually the exception rather than the rule o most people struggling with anxiety depression and bizarre thinking pose no immediate danger to themselves or anyone else DETERMINISM the doctrine that all events including human action are ultimately determined by causes external to the will FORENSIC PSYCHOLOGY INSANITY IN AN INSANE WORLD ANCIENT DIAGNOSIS STRESS HUMANISTIC MODEL Positive model o Therapists is there to help you solve your own problems Emphasizes goodness capacity for change self healing tendencies Major Figures o Carl Rogers o Abraham Maslow Basic Postulates o People are basically good o Behavior is free REFERRAL TO MENTAL HOSPITAL LEGAL CASE DSM DSM 1952 created to have standardized diagnosis Number I II III III R IV Year 1952 1968 1980 1987 1994 Disorders 60 150 250 300 400 Pages 130 134 494 567 886 V 2013 400 1968 Homosexuality was a disorder in

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