UT ANT 301 - loriformes cont. and monkeys (3 pages)

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loriformes cont. and monkeys

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loriformes cont. and monkeys


intro of primates

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University of Texas at Austin
Ant 301 - Physical Anthropology

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ANT301 1nd Edition Lecture 4 Outline of Last Lecture I Strepsirrhini II Lorisiformes a Galaginae b Lorisinae III Lemuriformes Outline of Current Lecture IV Lemur Cont V Monkeys VI New world monkeys VII Old world monkeys a Cheek pouches monkey b Leaf monkeys Current Lecture Lemuriformes cont I Family Indriidae Leaping lemurs a Live in male female pairs b Vertical clinger and leaper i Sifaka II Family Daubentoniide Aye Aye The weirdest lemur a Originally thought it was a rodent because of chisel shaped ever growing teeth b Nocturnal solitary lemur c Weird finger and claws have evolved i Feeding adaptation d Procussion foragers tap with finger and listen for grub and inserts finger to get grub e No wood peckers in Madagascar so mammals that have woodpecker type things III Monkeys a Order Primate b Semiorder Haplorhini c Antropoids have dused d Primates eye sockets are completely surrounded by bone but lemurs have big separation between eye socket and jaw e Complete post orbital plate separates chewing from eye ball IV Suborder anthropoidea These notes represent a detailed interpretation of the professor s lecture GradeBuddy is best used as a supplement to your own notes not as a substitute V Infraoder platyrrhini new world monkeys VI Infraoder catarrhini a Superfamily cercopithecoidea old world monkey apes and humans VII Difference VIII Diff between cercopithecoidea old world monkeys and platyrrhines new world monkeys are found in different parts of the world a Platy no ear tube 3 premolars b Catarrhines ear tube 2 premolars IX Infraorder platyrrihini new world monkeys live in the trees X Subfamily callitrichinae marmosets and tamarins bigger and eat more fruit a Platyrrhini b Pygmy marmoset c Diet gums of trees revolves claw like nails so they can cling to tree trunks XI Tamarins a Eat more fruit b Monkey like locomotion XII Subfamily Pithecinnae a Titi monkeys i Diet leaves seeds fruit ii Live in male female adult pairs and have dependent offspring 1 Twine their

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