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Flora of China 8 345 2001 12 MITELLA Linnaeus Sp Pl 1 406 1753 suo na cao shu Pan Jintang Douglas E Soltis Herbs perennial Rhizomes creeping short Leaves mainly basal long petiolate cauline ones few or absent stipules scarious leaf blade simple cordate or ovate to reniform cordate margin lobed or incised Inflorescence terminal racemose bracteate Flowers small Sepals 5 Petals sometimes absent margin usually pinnately cleft rarely entire Stamens 5 or 10 Carpels 2 connate ovary appearing subsuperior to inferior 1 loculed placentas 2 parietal styles 2 Fruit a capsule dehiscing between styles Seeds numerous ovoid or narrowly ellipsoid usually tuberculate About 20 species E and N Asia North America one species Mitella nuda nearly circumboreal two species one endemic in China As currently circumscribed Mitella is not a natural group but comprises several distinct lineages that should ultimately be treated as distinct genera Mitella nuda is most closely related to M diphylla from E North America whereas M formosana is most closely related to other Asian species of Mitella that appear to form a lineage distinct from all other species currently placed in the genus 1a Inflorescences with leaves petal margin pinnately 5 7 cleft stamens 5 2 M formosana 1b Inflorescences usually without leaves petal margin pinnately ca 9 cleft stamens 10 1 M nuda 1 Mitella nuda Linnaeus Sp Pl 1 406 1753 suo na cao Herbs perennial 9 24 cm tall Rhizomes elongate slender Stems glandular hairy Basal leaves 1 4 petiole 1 8 3 cm rigidly glandular hairy leaf blade orbicular to cordate to reniform cordate 0 8 3 7 0 8 3 9 cm both surfaces rigidly glandular hairy base cordate margin dentate obscurely 5 7 lobed Cauline leaves usually 1 or absent shortly petiolate leaf blade ca 1 6 1 4 cm rigidly glandular hairy Inflorescence a raceme 2 11 cm several flowered pedicels 1 5 mm shortly glandular hairy Sepals subovate 1 6 2 mm 1veined apex subacuminate Petals yellowish green ca 4 mm margin deeply pinnately ca 9

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