WSU PSYCH 105 - The Various Perspectives (2 pages)

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The Various Perspectives

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The Various Perspectives


Chapter 1

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Washington State University
Psych 105 - Introductory Psychology

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PSYCH 105 Lecture 1 Ch 1 Brief History Research Methods Outline of Current Lecture I Defining Psychology II History and iconic people of Psychology Current Lecture I II What is Psychology a Psych Greek origin means mind consciousness human soul breath of life b Ology the scientific study i Psychology The scientific study of mind and behavior c What does psychology include i Thinking Research Brain Disorders Motivation Memory Neuroscience Mental Illness Therapy Personality Learning Mental Health Biology Drugs Emotion Consciousness Behavior Environment and Intelligence d Is Psychology a new science i Republic Psyche Plato 387 BCE 1 3 Part Soul Psyche 1 Logistikon reason logic 2 Epith umetikon appetitive 3 Thumoiedes emotional ii Classifying mental disorders Hippocrates 360 BCE 1 Paranoia iii First experiments of distraction Lin Xie 600 CE iv First psychiatric hospital Baghdad 705 CE v Imbalanced mind mental health Ahmed ibn Sahl al Balkhi 900 CE 1 Body fever headaches 2 Mind Anger anxiety vi Mental illness is demonic possession England 14th C 1 Treat with exorcism torture st vii 1 public insane asylums Britain 19th C e Ancient Philosophy Sparks a Debate i Many environmental aspects contribute to behaviors personalities motivations emotions etc ii Many biological components also effect these same things 1 So is it Nature or Nurture History and Iconic People of Psychology These notes represent a detailed interpretation of the professor s lecture GradeBuddy is best used as a supplement to your own notes not as a substitute a Wilhelm Wundt 1832 1920 The Founder i Psychology is the study of consciousness b Edward Tichener 1867 1927 The Structuralist i Structuralism consciousness can be broken down into elemental structures 1 Sensations Intensity quality duration extent 2 Thoughts Derived from sensations c William James 1842 1910 The Functionalist aka Father of Psychology i Behavior functions as adaptation to the environment Darwin inspired ii Functionalism iii First

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