WVU CHEM 115 - Exam 1 Study Guide (6 pages)

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Exam 1 Study Guide

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Exam 1 Study Guide


Chapter 1-3

Study Guide
West Virginia University
Chem 115 - Fundamentals of Chemistry
Fundamentals of Chemistry Documents

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Chem 115 1nd Edition Exam 1 Study Guide 1 Most elements in the periodic table are a Metals b Non metals c Noble gases d Semimetals e Lanthanides 2 Which of the following statements does not describe a chemical property of oxygen a Iron will rust in the presence of oxygen b Oxygen combines with carbon to form carbon dioxide gas c Pressure is caused by collision of oxygen molecules with the sides of a container d When coal is burned in oxygen the process is called combustion e Oxygen combines with hydrogen to form water molecules 3 Which of the following is the lowest temperature a 37 C b 54 F c 313 K d All of these temperatures are equal e 14 C 4 A gold ingot weights 5 50 lbs If the density of gold is 19 31 g cm3 and the length and width of the ingot are 12 0 cm and 3 00 cm respectively what is the height of the ingot 1 lb 453 59237 g a 6 50 X 10 3 cm b 3 59 cm c 10 2 cm d 1 34 X 103 cm e 0 004 m 5 How many significant figures are there in the answer for the following problem 131 7 119 x 1 05 0 500 a one b two c three d four e five 6 The observation that 15 0 g of hydrogen reacts with 120 0 g of oxygen to form 135 0 g of water is evidence for the law of a Definite proportions b Energy conservation c Mass conservation d Multiple proportions e Wave functions 7 What is the chemical symbol for an atom that has 19 protons and 20 neutrons a Co b Kr c K d Tb e Cu 8 How many protons p and neutrons n are in an atom of calcium 46 a 20 p 26 n b 20 p 46 n c 26 p 20 n d 46 p 60 n e 20 p 20 n 9 An element has two naturally occurring isotopes One has an abundance of 37 4 and an isotopic mass of 184 953 amu and the other has an abundance of 62 6 and a mass of 186 956 amu What is the atomic weight of the element a 185 702 amu b 185 954 amu c 186 207 amu d 186 956 amu e 185 891 amu 10 Which of the compounds Li3 P PH3 C2H6 IBr3 are ionic compounds a Only C2H6 b Only Li3P c Li3P and PH3 d PH3 C2H6 and IBr3 e None of the above 11 The chemical formula for calcium hydroxide is while the

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