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Mapping the mind New England Complex Systems Institute One Week Intensive Course Complex Physical Biological and Social Systems MIT January 6 10 2003 Supervisor Prof Yaneer Bar Yam Submitted by Fumiaki Katagiri Ivelisse Lazzarini Florence Singer Shai Shen Orr Copyright 2003 New England Complex Systems Institute All rights reserved NECSI One Week Intensive Course January 6 10 2003 Supervisor Prof Yaneer Bar Yam Mapping the mind Fumiaki Katagiri1 Ivelisse Lazzarini2 Florence Singer3 Shai Shen Orr4 1 Dept Plant Health Torrey Mesa Research Institute San Diego CA 2 Dept of Pharmacy and Health Professions Creighton University Omaha NE 3 Graduate School of Education Harvard University Cambridge MA 4 Dept of Molecular and Cellular Biology Harvard University Cambridge MA Mainstream social and psychological sciences has traditionally disregarded individual differences with respect to perception While studies on perception have been performed on individuals the differences in their perception were discarded and only the average perception consensus reported Only in recent years have perceptual systems been thought of in dynamical sense Freeman 1995 Kelso 1999 In this study we attempt to investigate the visual perceptual system of individuals with respect to a specific object In particular we are trying to probe what is it that an individual sees when he she is looking at something For many investigators the quandary of perception resides in how properties of the world come to be represented in the mind of the perceiver In our project however we are less concerned with the contents of perception and more interested with the dynamics of perceiving Touching looking listening and smelling are obviously dynamical processes But what is the nature of the dynamics If we describe our concept spectrum as an ever changing energy landscape were each concept is a basin of attraction then describing the dynamics of the basin implies mapping its size in concept space and its slopes in every

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