Pitt PSY 0010 - Biopsychology Pt. 2 (3 pages)

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Biopsychology Pt. 2

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Biopsychology Pt. 2


intro to psych, biopsychology

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University of Pittsburgh
Psy 0010 - Introduction to Psychology

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PSY 0010 1nd Edition Lecture 5 Outline of Last Lecture I Biopsychology Outline of Current Lecture II Biopsychology III Language IV Endocrine System Current Lecture Biopsychology Pt 2 Limbic System mid brain involved in learning memory emotion and motivation Limbic System Anatomy 1 Hypothalamus o responsible for regulating hunger thirst sexual behavior reward pleasure center helps govern the endocrine system endocrine system series of glands the brain and endocrine system communicate with each other also implicated in helping us maintain body temperature homeostasis 2 Thalamus o relay station between sensory organs and the cortex 3 pituitary gland 4 Hippocampus o essential in the formation of new memories 5 Amygdala o linked to emotions of fear and anger 6 Cingulate Cortex o role in emotional and cognitive process o primary cortical component of the limbic system These notes represent a detailed interpretation of the professor s lecture GradeBuddy is best used as a supplement to your own notes not as a substitute 7 Cortex o the highest part of the brain and largest o has four lobes 1 Frontal the largest in the front of the brain executive functions problem solving planning impulse control judgment task timing primary motor cortex oversees our movement 2 Parietal sit behind frontal lobes primarily contain somatosensory cortex pain pleasure touch etc body sensations 3 Occipital in the back of the brain visual cortex processing visual information 4 Temporal on the side of the brain auditory cortex sense of hearing language comprehension of language learning and memory o has two hemispheres o contralateral organization Language Left side of brain is mostly responsible for language o Broca s Area In left frontal lobe Controls speech muscles via motor cortex o Wernicke s area Left temporal lobe Interprets auditory code Important in comprehending and understanding language Endocrine System Body s slow chemical communication system Hormones chemicals synthesized by a set of

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