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ARNOLDIA A continuation of the BULLETIN OF POPULAR INFORMATION of the Arnold Arboretum Harvard University OCTOBFR 30 1942 VOLUME 2 Nums as 8 9 EUONYMUS arious plants belonging to the Euonymus clan are not to he considered t htch should be grown more groups in our gardens On the contrary there are probably too may forms of Fuon mus a atlable from nurseries now A resume of nursery catalu ues vhou that approximately thirty different species and ariettes can be purchased in this country and tt ts certainly doubtful if all of these are of sufficient ornamental lalue to make them worth while Some of the most common are the evergreen tnes of course while others are the taller growing trees and shrubs The evergreen types are Balued for their foliage whtle the dectducus types are valued chtefl for their brilliantly colored fruits and the bright autumn color of their fohage Most of the deciduous forms like F rrnnymzr s alatn F yedoensi c and F sanguineo have foliage which turns a brilliant scarlet in the fall On the other hand a few like E Rougeann and F lance olin turn a pale yellow in the fall Still others like F europaen retain thew green leaves in the fall considerably lon er than most shrubs The fruit ts conspicuous chiefly because of the bright colored capsule usually red or pink which opens in late September or in October disclosin the bright orange or red flesh co ertng of the seed called the aril Sometimes as tn the case of F Rnngeana semipersisten s the capsule is light pink and the aril is a deep orange In other instances as in the case of T s nngtzinen the capsule is a deep red and in still others F europaea and F e atror2zbens the eapsule is a vtvid red and the aril is bright orange making an excellent color combinatton The fruits of a few color early in the fall and drop shortly afterward uch for example would be F Irrt3f olzr F sachalinen sis and F sanguinen In others the fruit remains on the plant a considerable time m the fall lending much ornamental interest

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