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Media Industry

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Media Industry


Globalization of the Media Industry

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Indiana University, Bloomington
Jour-J 110 - Foundatns of Jour & Mass Comm

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J110 1ST Edition Lecture 5 Outline of Last Lecture I Cultivation The Mean World Syndrome II Media Enjoyment III The Media Business IV Transforming the Media World a Development of Private Ownership in the U S V Early Newspaper Ads VI Growth of National News a Era of Big Media Outline of Current Lecture I Long Tail Media VS Short Head Media II Media Industry a Vertical Integration b Horizontal Integration c Globalization d Limits on Media Conglomeration Long Tail Media High number of goods More niche goods than hits Low cost of reaching markets Ease of finding niche goods Tailors to personal tastes Consequences Democratization of the means of production and means of distribution Media Industry Vertical Integration Production Distribution Exhibition Sale All 1 type of media Content VS Conduit or BOTH Increase of free based video content leading to more vertical integration Horizontal Integration owning different types of media Increased horizontal integration has been fostered by digital technology Radio TV Print all online all digital Convergence Globalization Global marketplace BIGGER U S OVERSEAS OVERSEAS U S Rationale behind increased media globalization U S markets saturated Media conglomerates easily dominate local media Low cost to produce similar material Cultural Imperialism Uneven flow of ideas and media U S exports more than it imports Western media is undermining local culture traditions and values Replaces with consumerist ideology BUT Western media products help topple dictators Hybrid forms of media emerge in locales Limits on Media Conglomeration 1975 FCC passed Newspaper Broadcast Cross Ownership Rule Prohibits ownership of a daily newspaper and full power broadcast station that serviced same community 1976 Telecommunications Act loosened rules but still technically they apply

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