UT Knoxville ARCH 212 - Urban Planning in Rome (2 pages)

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Urban Planning in Rome

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Urban Planning in Rome


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Arch 212 - History/Theory of Arch II
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ARCH 212 Edition 1nd Lecture 10 Outline of Last Lecture I Traditional Dogon Ancestral Shrine II Granaries III Djenne Great Mosque Outline of Current Lecture I Urbanizing Rome II Urban Interventions III Villa Montalto IV St Peter s Current Lecture I Urbanizing Rome Julius II developed a rationalized plan for the streets of Rome i Long avenues where rich families built their places 80 years later Pope Sixtus V wanted to urbanize Rome away from paganism i Tore down buildings for the material stone marble etc Ex Septizodium fountain structure for Emperor Septimus Severus the Coliseum etc II Urban Interventions Long straight passageways that link important monuments and places Tridents in the northern part of the city Rome is very hilly with valleys i The long streets rationalize the hills and valleys into plains ii Creates lookout points on the hilly streets iii Variety of experience Moved a series of obelisks around the city i Placed in piazzas one is still in the Piazza Del Popolo and in the nave of St Peter s ii Domenico Fontana designed the machine that moved and elevated the obelisks III Villa Montalto These notes represent a detailed interpretation of the professor s lecture GradeBuddy is best used as a supplement to your own notes not as a substitute Located in Rome Built for Pope Sixtus V Designed by Domenico Fontana architect and urban planner Considered a garden villa Features trident paths for carriages and foot traffic IV St Peter s The first fa ade was designed by Antonio Tempesta Michelangelo worked with Bramante s original plan i He decided to expand it with apses on each side of the square plan ii Added the double shell deign to the centered dome iii Added a nave The new fa ade was designed by Carlo Maderno Gianlorenzo Bernini trained as a sculptor designed two bell towers to be bigger than the dome i Because of bad foundation the south tower crumpled during construction and were demolished Bernini designed the Piazza S Pietro the nave in front of St

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