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neolithic and some cities

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Ha 101 - Wstrn Art:Paleolithic-Medieval
Wstrn Art:Paleolithic-Medieval Documents

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HA 101 1nd Edition Lecture 3 Outline of Last Lecture I Key terms II Prehistory Stone Age Paleolithic Mesolithic Neolithic context Venus figure Representation Pigment Monochromatic Positive Negative Space Outline of Current Lecture 1 Terms Neolithic sedentism engraving corbel megalithic dolmen hengen post and lintel mortises and tenon trilithon ceramic fertile crescent ziggurat polytheistic register hierarchical scale geometric lapis lazuli bitumen stele 2 Paleolithic 3 Jericho 4 Sara 5 Stonehenge 6 Tell Asmara Current Lecture I Paleolithic a Treatment of the female figure b People no longer live in caves but still show paintings of how they lived i People start to stay in one place for longer time 1 They begin to domesticate animals and plants 2 They also careful with the seasons shifts 3 Have a much more organize society a Leaders are being choose i Help represent and to convince others of the things they should be working on 1 Start to come up with art as in sculptures and building designs II Archaic round head sculptures III Bolivian Pastoral a Men and dogs hunting together IV Equidian horses and Warrior V Cameline Period a The lifice scripted writing with drawings VI Jericho a 1st oldest cities These notes represent a detailed interpretation of the professor s lecture GradeBuddy is best used as a supplement to your own notes not as a substitute i Build wall 5ft thick to keep others out ii Human skulls at bottom of tower skulls covered in clay 1 Take clay and rebuild the face VII Catal Huyuk a No city wall found i build city with no streets like a hive b James molar 3yrs 15 16 city on tip i When one home was too old they would build a new one on top c Buried dead in a room bench d Skulls were on walls e Statue of women VIII Sara a Posted litho structure i Stone same sized stacked up to each other b Figure out how to make and use pots IX Stonehenge a The stones are stacked like a puzzle b When sun comes on top they know it s time to start planning food i A way to

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