ISU CSD 175 - Exam 1 Study Guide (22 pages)

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Exam 1 Study Guide

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Exam 1 Study Guide


This study guide contains information from the lecture notes as well as the book and supplemental readings.

Study Guide
Illinois State University
Csd 175 - Speech and Language Development
Speech and Language Development Documents

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CSD 175 1st Edition Exam 1 Study Guide Lectures 1 7 Key terms for EXAM 1 Language Language community Communication ASHA Definition of language 5 Domains of language o Phonology o Semantics o Morphology o Syntax o Pragmatics Content Form Use Speech How speech works Speech production o Perceptual target o Motor schema o Speech output o Feedback Hearing Sound Fundamentals Speech perception Coarticulation What communication involves Why we communicate Preintentional communication Intentional communication Purposes people share information 3 essential components of communication Linguistic feedback Nonlinguistic feedback Paralinguistic feedback Language difference Dialect Bilingualism Heritable language impairment Developmental disability Brain injury Howard Gardner Jean Piaget Schema Assimilation Accommodation Equilibrium Sensorimotor Stage Imitation Play Communication Symbolic Function Object Permanence Causality Means End Preoperational Stage Hands on learning Literacy emerging Concrete Operations Stage Formal Operations Stage Vygotsky Private Speech Zone of proximal development Scaffolding Sensorimotor Play Constructive Play Dramatic Play Play with adults Solitary Play Parallel Play Associative Play Sociodramatic Play Categorical Perception Hearing Perception Phonetic cues Prosodic regularities Intonation Stress Perceptual narrowing Superordinate Subordinate Basic category formation 0 2 month language development milestones 2 4 month language development milestones 4 6 month language development milestones 5 8 month language development milestones 6 10 month language development milestones 10 18 month language development milestones Jargon Marginal babbling Reduplicate babbling Variegated babbling Why do infants babble Does babbling relate to speech language development Perlocutionary Illocutionary Locutionary Infant Cry Behavior Infant Gaze Patterns o Mutual gaze o Gaze coupling o Deictic gaze Infant Social Smiles Infant Vocal Behaviors Child Directed Speech

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