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INTERNETWORKING III CHAPTER 8 STUDY GUIDE Network Management includes Network Documentation Network Security Network Maintenance Server Administration and Server Maintenance This is not an all inclusive list 1 The first and most critical component for a good network is It is the most talked about and least performed task in a network It includes diagrams that indicate the path of the physical wiring the of cable the of each cable the type of for the cable physical location of each or and a for easy identification of each wire 2 In your documentation you will include the following A physical and logical layout of the and all of the s in the network It includes the physical layout of rack mounts Aux equipment and servers in the facility patch panel labels to identify cable terminations identification and configuration details of all equipment located in the distribution facility and configuration details are to be filled out about each host attached to the network It includes make and model of computer serial number floppy drives hard drives DVD CD ROM drive sound and network cards RAM amount IRQ information DMA information base memory address configuration physical location user network identification IP address MAC address Subnet Topology purchase date warranty information A listing of standard and special used on each machine in the network The standard configuration installation detail of each software package This list includes and software study guide8 doc Page 1 June 2000 It is also valuable to keep a list of all that have been done to all equipment included in the network This will help an administrator predict possible future problems with existing hardware and software Soft and hard physical needs to be documented It includes user rights password definition firewall support identifying how the MDF and IDF s are locked identifying who has access to these rooms and why how the hosts are protected security cables alarms who has physical access to the system are

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