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Flora of China 10 33 34 2010 12 CHAMAECRISTA Moench Methodus 272 1794 shan bian dou shu Herbs or suffrutescent herbs rarely small trees Leaves abruptly pinnate leaflets opposite foliar glands usually present disk or cup shaped rarely flat Flowers yellow or red Sepals 5 Petals 5 unequal Stamens 10 to 5 fertile filaments straight anther thecae ciliolate along suture dehiscent terminally by slit or pore Legume elastically dehiscent valves coiling Seeds with either smooth or pitted testa usually exareolate About 270 species mostly ca 240 indigenous to America with only a few ca 30 in tropical Asia three species one introduced in China 1a Petiolar gland distinctly stipitate 1 C pumila 1b Petiolar gland sessile discoid raised or slightly flat 2a Rachis of leaves not canaliculate leaflets 20 50 pairs 3 4 mm ovary with short stiff appressed hairs legume with scattered appressed hairs 2 C mimosoides 2b Rachis of leaves canaliculate leaflets 10 25 pairs 8 13 mm ovary woolly with long and short thin hairs legume with long and short non appressed hairs 3 C leschenaultiana 1 Chamaecrista pumila Lamarck V Singh J Econ Taxon Bot 16 600 1992 bing xian shan bian dou Cassia pumila Lamarck Encycl 1 651 1785 Subshrubs or diffuse herbs perennial woody at base 25 75 cm tall with many branches Branches petioles and rachises of leaves pilose Leaves 3 6 cm with a stipitate gland on top of petiole and on rachis between lowest pair of leaflets stipules linear subulate 6 8 mm acuminate leaflets 12 20 pairs sessile unequally sided linear falcate 8 12 ca 2 mm midrib near upper margin of blade apex mucronate Flowers axillary solitary or most often 2 or 3 together in a very short raceme bracts and bracteoles similar to stipules but shorter Sepals ovate oblong 4 6 mm apex acute Petals bright yellow unequal oblong obovate shorter than or ca as long as sepals shortly clawed Stamens 5 subequal anthers oblong opening by apical pores enlarging to short slits Ovary sessile appressed tomentose stigma

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