WSU BIOLOGY 251 - Exam 1 Study Guide (4 pages)

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Exam 1 Study Guide

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Exam 1 Study Guide


Topic 1: Organization of the Body and Homeostasis Topic 2: The Cell Topic 3: Cell Membrane (Including membrane potentials) Topic 4: Neuronal Physiology: Graded & Action Potentials Topic 5: Neuronal Physiology: Synapses & Neuronal Integration

Study Guide
Washington State University
Biology 251 - Introductory Human Physiology

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BIOL 251 1st Edition Exam 1 Study Guide Lectures 1 6 What are the 3 types of muscle tissue o skeletal smooth cardiac What is an example of negative feedback o When a person stands up blood pressure decreases due to blood pooling in the feet and legs The heart and blood vessels respond in such a way as to bring blood pressure back toward normal The fluid bathing the cells is called o Interstitial fluid Define homeostasis o Keeping the internal environment constant Proteins are produced by the are packaged inside transport vesicles in the and are processed into final form once they reach the o RER SER Golgi complex The metabolic pathway that produces ATP in the absence of oxygen is o Gylcolysis What factors affect the permeability of a molecule across a membrane o size charge or polarity What kind of cell junction is impermeable o tight junction The following shows water and solute molecules distributed on two sides of a membrane that is permeable to solute and water In which direction s and of what molecule s will be the net movement o 10 water molecules 4 solute molecules 10 water molecules 8 solute molecules solute right to left The unmylenated portions of the axon are called and are the only places beyond the axon hillock where occur o Nodes of fancier action potentials What is the GPSP Grand Post Synaptic Potential o the sum of all EPSP and IPSP In a neuron with a resting membrane potential of 70 mV choose all that are true o Na is passively leaking in K is passively leaking out and the Na K ATPase pump balances the passive leaking of ions What represents the distribution of ions in the ECF and ICF o Na high in ECF K high in ICF A high in ICF Spatial summation at a postsynaptic neuron is caused by o Simultaneous excitatory firings from multiple presynaptic neurons Temporal summation at a postsnypatic neuron is caused by o Multiple rapid excitatory firings of a single presynaptic neuron Voltage gated calcium channels in the axon terminal open in response to what o

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