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Advanced Civil Schooling FY08 SOP 01 October 2007 Table of Contents 1 References 2 Background 3 Guidance for Filling ACS Quotas 4 Eligibility Criteria and Requirements for ACS 5 ACS Nomination Process Information Packet for Nominees 6 ACS Nomination Packet Request for Waivers 7 Active Duty Service Obligation and Recoupment 8 ACS In processing and Student Reports Welcome Letter DA Form 2125 Report to Training Agency ROTC or USAREC Duty memorandum requirement DA Form 1059 1 Academic Evaluation Reports AER 9 Tuition and Fees Policy for Negotiating Reduced Tuition Agreements Policy on Paying Tuition Out of Pocket States Granting Resident Tuition Rates to ACS Students 10 Changes to Program of Academic Study 11 Temporary Duty TDY and Permissive TDY 12 Utilization Tour and Deferrals 13 Ph D Degree Time Limit and AER Processing 14 Recommended Thesis Dissertation Topics and Publication 15 Expanded Graduate School Program EGSP 2 1 References 1 AR 621 1 Training of Military Personnel at Civilian Institutions 2 AR 350 100 Officer Active Duty Service Obligations 3 AR 621 7 Army Fellowships and Scholarships 4 AR 621 108 Military Personnel Requirements for Civilian Education 5 AR 621 5 Army Continuing Education System 6 AR 623 3 Evaluation Reporting System 7 DA PAM 623 3 Evaluation Reporting System 8 DOD Directive 1322 10 Policy on Graduate Education for Military Officers 9 DOD Directive 1322 6 Fellowships Scholarships and Grants for Members of the Armed Forces 10 ACS web page https www hrc army mil site protect Active opfamacs ACS00 htm 3 2 ACS Background The ACS Section facilitates the education of approximately 1600 ACS students Scholars and Fellows in any given school year Students participate in the following programs through the ACS section Advanced Civil Schooling ACS Expanded Graduate School Program EGSP Degree Completion Program DCP Cooperative Degree Program CDP Scholarships Fellowships Non MEL Producing Training with Industry TWI Although the ACS Section hosts the

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