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Climate 2

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Climate 2


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Biol 317 - Ecology

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BIOL 317 1st Edition Lecture 7 Outline of Last Lecture Climate Outline of Current Lecture Micro Macro Climate Current Lecture Aquatics Climate diagrams Left y axis labels temperature and right y axis labels precipitation in mm When precipitation exceeds average temperature on chart then there is sufficient rainfall for vegetation in that area Growing season is identified by the highlighted months Climate diagram Temperature is bottom line and rain is the line above Yellow in a climate diagram represents evaporation exceeding precipitation Check figure 2 7 Climate Temperature is variable from the equator to the poles There is more moisture in temperate regions than at the equator Equator has more organisms Whittaker Came up with Whittaker graph all biomes fall under three triangles warm and moist warm and dry and cold and dry Rainforest o Oxisols o Andisols Soil These notes represent a detailed interpretation of the professor s lecture GradeBuddy is best used as a supplement to your own notes not as a substitute o Heavily weathered Savanna o Aridosols Woodland o Fire adapted o Inkeptisols o Aridosols o Alfisols Grassland o Mollisols Temperate forest o Alfisols o Ultisolsl Boreal o Spodosols Tundra o Inkeptisols o Entisols o Histisols o organic matter tied in permafrost Desert o Aridosols Caliche when salt and rock is stuck on top of the soil after evaporation Mountains Mountain tops are islands in the sky Volant organism flying creatures Glacial refugia organisms that survive ice ages migrate to the top of the mountain when their climate keeps getting warmer those animals go extinct o Flying squirrel Microclimate Small scale Where organisms live within a biome Microclimate is more important to individuals of a species in a patchy dispersion within the general distribution Climate on local scale Within 1 m of the ground Climate surrounding individuals Climate surrounding organism parts o Leaf o Tick o Deer Macroclimate Determines biomes Macroclimate correlates with

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