UWL BIO 312 - Skeletal System 2 (5 pages)

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Skeletal System 2

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Skeletal System 2


lecture notes from lectures 3 and 4

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University of Wisconsin-La Crosse
Bio 312 - Human Anatomy and Physiology I

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Bio 312 1st Edition Lecture 4 Outline of Current Lecture I Connective Tissues a Histology b Types of connective tissues II Cartilage a Types and development III Bone a Types of bone and development Current Lecture Skeletal System all classified as connective tissue Connective Tissue comprised of connective tissue cells which produce material called matrix which surrounds the cells Results in cells being spaced far apart except adipose Matrix allows CT to o Withstand tension o Bear weight o Protect Cell types vary greatly among CT Matrix composed of ground substance cement and fibers re bar Fibers major component of matrix o Collagen thick bendy and flexible but not elastic o Reticular skinny collagen fibers that form a fishnet like matrix o Elastic made from elastin similar to a rubber band Names and functions of CT cells o Prefix describes type of CT in which cell is found Osteo bone Chondro cartilage Fibro from CT proper o Suffix describes type of CT cell blast cells actively secreting matrix into cell cyte mature cells that help maintain health of surrounding cells Cartilage found in any articulating surface lubrication or any surface in need of cushion o Types Fibrocartilage lots of fibers used for cushion Elastic cartilage used for support and protection Hyaline Cartilage most abundant type Flexible rubber like resilient Strong and able to support weight Smooth low friction surface Forms most of the embryonic skeleton provides template for skeleton Provides growth plates epiphyseal plates for continued bone growth Coats parts of bone in joints Makes up tip of nose costal ribs cartilage voice box windpipe trachea bronchi Histology of Hyaline Cartilage o Consists of widely scattered cells called chondrocytes surrounded by matrix seeds in a watermelon o Lacunae small cavities in matrix that house chondrocytes o Matrix consists of collagen fibers H2O and proteoglycans o Ground Substance composed mostly of proteoglycans Negatively charged to hold water molecules for

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