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language card style matching

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Com 100 - Human Communication

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COM 100 1nd Edition Lecture 2 Outline of Last Lecture I Card Talk II Talk Games III Conclusion Outline of Current Lecture II Language III Language Features IV Decoding V Encoding VI Playing card games Current Lecture I Language a The raw material to create talk card to share and untimely build civilization i By understanding language to communicate with each other b Symbol Definition i A system of system a word can give image of meaning or idea of message 1 Cat or dog 2 Goal Google map of brain ii Use word crusade it describe our respond if terrain 1 Others think religious war iii Identifier prove 1 Have to be able to prove you belong a Ethnic proof game i Hip hop wear hat look mean have tattoos II Language Features a Semantic our system of meaning i Dog dawg dogg friend buddy b Syntax how we structure punctuation order i Why you gotta do me like that ii Why are you treating me this way c Pragmatics the job we what symbols to impact i To diss disrespect d Lexicon dictionary of words culturally determent These notes represent a detailed interpretation of the professor s lecture GradeBuddy is best used as a supplement to your own notes not as a substitute i Timepiece or attractive women e Phonology sound tone pronounce words i Pronouns words so they respond back the say way ii Prove to be part of a group 1 One of the boys one of the girls f Morphology rules of how words go together i Words to commute g Programmatic job the talk card i Task purposes goal of the message pick up power 1 The hot guy card cultured card ii Relation style friendly formal power tone III Decoding or interoperating cards a Develop categories fro experience i What cards topics style and typical ii What games are typical 1 Be a member of a party card tailgating card game b Apply categories to new situations i What card is being played now ii What card am I being asked to play iii What topic style games 1 To recognize the roles topics c Evaluate the type of information like or don t like d Store

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