Mizzou NURSE 3170 - Exam 1 Study Guide (27 pages)

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Exam 1 Study Guide

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Exam 1 Study Guide


Unit 1 Lecture Notes, Study guide

Study Guide
University of Missouri
Nurse 3170 - Nursing Skills, Technologies, and Simulation

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Nursing Skills Exam 1 Study Guide Format 50 questions 1 select all that apply ID matching 25 infection control 15 vital signs 20 safety and mobility 30 skin and wound 10 hygiene Week One Goals Safety Hygiene Mobility Infection Control Skin Integrity Know Vital Sign Parameters and Terminology Understand basic pathophysiology for abnormal vital signs Know what equipment is required to obtain vital signs Understand factors that may impact vital sign readings Understand chain of infection and interventions to break the chain Know the types of isolation precautions what PPE is required for each including standard body substance precautions Know when it is appropriate to use hand sanitizer vs soap and water for hand hygiene Purpose of restraints reason for use Understand types of restraints and when they would be used Nursing care related to restraint use Unexpected outcomes related to restraints Basic principles of patient hygiene Peri care principles Know patient positions and their impact on patient Interventions to protect skin integrity and the nurses role in the process Know different assistive devices and indications for use Know bony prominences and how to minimize risk of skin break down Understand impact of mobility on body system functions Fall risk indicators and interventions to reduce fall risk Key components of environmental assessment Purpose of the Braden score and impact on nursing care Week Two Learning Objectives Sterile Technique Skin Wound Rules of sterile technique Difference between clean and sterile technique What situations are appropriate for sterile technique How to set up a sterile environment What to do in cases of contamination Wound Assessment and significance of findings both normal and abnormal Nursing interventions related to wound care Wound dressing types and when is it appropriate to use Wound dressing techniques and nursing implications Types of drains purpose expected unexpected outcomes Skin Wound terminology Lab values related to

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