ISU GEO 211 - Exam 1 Study Guide (10 pages)

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Exam 1 Study Guide

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Exam 1 Study Guide


Covers the first 9 lectures that will be on the first exam

Study Guide
Illinois State University
Geo 211 - Earth's Dynamic Weather
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GEO 211 1st Edition Exam 1 Study Guide Lectures 1 9 Lecture 1 August 20 What are the elements of Weather and Climate Temperature how cold or warm it is Air pressure force weight exerted by mass of air above a given point will throw off other variables if slightly changed cold air dense high pressure Humidity air s water vapor content more vapor in the air more humidity condenses and forms into very small droplets of water bunch together becomes clouds Clouds clusters of condensed fine droplets of water in the atmosphere doesn t predict rainfall hail certain process has to occur in clouds to create rain Precipitation water that falls as rain hail or snow Wind simply moving air moves at different mph What is weather Atmospheric conditions of a particular place and time Uses same data to find climate What is climate Weather of an area averaged over a long period of time 30 year period Takes average conditions and find the norm What is the composition of the atmosphere Permanent gases Nitrogen 78 Oxygen 21 Variable gases o Vary in proportion not a lot of Water vapor 0 to 4 Carbon dioxide 0 039 o Methane nitrous oxide ozone Lecture 2 August 22 What are the layers of the atmosphere based on temperature chemical composition and function Temperature o Troposphere Height varies in latitude about 11 miles high near the equator 6 miles near the poles temperatures decrease higher amounts at lapse rate of 3 5 F 1000 feet called the environmental or normal lapse rate has most of atmosphere s mass 90 o Stratosphere temperature increases upward temperature inversion layer with maximum ozone concentration less turbulent layer than troposphere o Mesosphere temperature decreases upward atmospheric pressure is very low few molecules thin air average temperature 130 F o Thermosphere extends to about 300 miles from mesosphere temperature increases upward Chemical composition o Homosphere layer below about 50 miles composition of air is fairly constant homogeneous o Heterosphere Upper

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