SC ARTH 106 - The Quatrocento (2 pages)

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The Quatrocento

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The Quatrocento


The Quatrocentro

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University Of South Carolina-Columbia
Arth 106 - Hist of Western Art

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ARTH 106 7th edition Lecture 7 Outline of Last Lecture I Late medieval art and architecture in Northern Europe Outline of Current Lecture I Qautrocento Italy in the 15th century Current Lecture I Characteristics a Florence Italy is center b Medici family famous patrons powerful i Giovanni Cosimo Lorenzo c Individualism deepens II Work Baptistery of San Giovanni 1059 1128 A Details Florence Italy cathedral Guild of wool merchants hold competition to see who would design door of baptistery Finalist 1 Filippo Brunelleschi Sacrifice of Issac 1401 2 Competition panel for east door Depicts Abraham and Issac total embrace of faith Issac s hands are tied behind his back the faces of Abraham and the angel are tense angel is grabbing Abraham s arm Finalist 2 Lorenzo Ghiberti These notes represent a detailed interpretation of the professor s lecture GradeBuddy is best used as a supplement to your own notes not as a substitute Sacrifice of Issac Slightly different narrative moment Ram is in different position above Abraham This adds to the sense that the angel and the ram are sent by God Issac looks like a boy in first In second he is a man who seems to accept his fate To me was conceded the palm of victory by all the experts and be al who competed with me Art more of a competition meaning humans determined what was best not God shift III Work Saint Mark 1411 13 A Artist Donatello B Details Commissioned by a guild of tailors Saint Mark is usually pictures as a writer Part of broad secularization focuses more on Saint Mark in his human form IV Work Saint George 1410 15 A Artist Donatello B Details Advertisement for guild More emphasis on physical being than usual warrior depiction secularization

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