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Learning about the experimental method and identifying confounding variables

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University of Wisconsin, Madison
Psych 530 - Social Psychology

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PSYCH 530 1st Edition Lecture 3 Outline of Last Lecture Outline of Current Lecture II Experimental Method A True experiments III Liebert and Baron IV Josephson 1987 V Albert Bandura s theory of social learning Current Lecture Advertisers spend billions of dollars due to the belief that T V can influence human behavior T V industry enthusiastically agrees but nonetheless contends that its programs of violence do not have any such influence Average American household has T V on for 7 hours day o 58 of T V shows contain violence o Average cartoon shows a violent act every 3 minutes o Infants 1 years old are exposed to 1 hour day o Children watch 2 4 hours day Children at the age of 12 have seen 100 000 acts of violence including 8 000 murders Longitudinal study a study that follows one person for a long period of time o Survey studies using longitudinal designs measure the viewing of violent T V programs in childhood or adolescence and aggressive behaviors later in life o Studies show positive correlations between exposure to violence and aggressive behavior violent acts assault etc effect is even stronger with time Reverse causality is possible aggressive kids may be more likely to watch violent T V the aggressiveness of a child causes them to choose violent T V programs Third Variable another explanation for why the results that were obtained were obtained o Parents who neglect their kids may be responsible for aggressive behaviors for leaving the T V set on all the time or maybe the child lives in a violent neighborhood These notes represent a detailed interpretation of the professor s lecture GradeBuddy is best used as a supplement to your own notes not as a substitute It may not be the violent T V program at all 700 families over 17 years were studied to observe long term effects of exposure to violent T V o Positive correlation between exposure to violent and aggressive behavior Regardless of parental education family income and neighborhood violence o Still a

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