IUB REL-R 160 - Penn and Judiasm (2 pages)

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Penn and Judiasm

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Penn and Judiasm


The significance of William Penn and his experimental city.

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Indiana University, Bloomington
Rel-R 160 - Introduction to Religion in America
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Class Rel 160 Lecture 7 Review Why are they called Quakers They shake when they feel the Spirit Scared space Their meetings are very close knit and together They were all facing each other not facing an alter Their ritual was to sit in silence facing each other waiting for them to feel the spirit People are of a greater equality Their clothing is very simple because they didn t want to draw attention to themselves or to their possessions They called each other by their first names or their Christian names there was no mr or mrs They didn t recognize kings and queens The hippie analogy worked for them because Outline of Current Lecture I II William Penn Religious Marketplace III Judaism William Penn Comes from a well connected family He ran off with the Quakers His family called in a favor to the king and the King gives him 29 million acres of farm land Penn sets up a colony sort of defiance o Religious Pluralism These notes represent a detailed interpretation of the professor s lecture GradeBuddy is best used as a supplement to your own notes not as a substitute o Diversity variety that simply exists o Pluralism o He had brochures printed up inviting people of all walks into his new land Pennsylvania Lutheran s Catholics Calvinists He sells the idea that you come to his land you farm it and grow off of it and that only exception is that you live in harmony Religious Marketplace They also has to be nice to natives He feels like it hadn t worked out in the beginning because they didn t work with the Natives o He said look we want to be your friends o Fighting eventually breaks out Judaism 1621 arriving in Virginia The first Jew that arrived in the new world Jews in the colonies were not accepted o Pennsylvania New Amsterdam etc may have been the best place from them o These were port cities where it more diverse the Jews got into trading because if you were permitted to do trades then you actually were integral to the community

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