UGA KINS 2010 - Exam 1 Class Review (4 pages)

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Exam 1 Class Review

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Exam 1 Class Review


Definitions and important information from chapters 1-3

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Kins 2010 - Intro to Kins
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KINS 2010 1st Edition Lecture 7 Outline of Last Lecture I Case Study Fitness Gram a Recommended tests for students b Use of Fitness Gram in Georgia Outline of Current Lecture I Exam 1 Review Current Lecture What is missing from the following definition of Physical Activity Voluntary movement intentionally performed to achieve a goal in sport exercise or some other sphere of life Key focus of kinesiology Are these physical activates o Showering yes o Walking to class yes o Texting a friend yes o Yawning no because not voluntary o Running a 10K race yes o Watching TV no o Sleeping no because not voluntary Self sufficiency ADL activity of daily living v IADL instrumental activity of daily living o ADL basic functions of everyday life o Differentiate these activities These notes represent a detailed interpretation of the professor s lecture GradeBuddy is best used as a supplement to your own notes not as a substitute Showering ADL Cooking dinner IADL Paying bills IADL Putting on shoes ADL Seven sub disciplines of physical activity How can I increase strength o Physiology of physical activity How did WWII affect MLB o History of physical activity What muscles make the largest contribution to the bat swing o Biomechanics of physical activity What is the best way to practice the tennis serve o Motor behavior Is it wrong to cheat in a hockey game o Philosophy of physical activity How economic factors affect a person s access to exercise facilities o Sociology of physical activity What are the five components of health related fitness Flexibility Muscular endurance Muscular strength Body composition Aerobic power What are the 3 primary sources of knowledge in the discipline of kinesiology Physical activity experience Scholarly study Professional practice 7 spheres of physical activity experience Work Health Leisure Competition Education Self sufficiency Self expression 7 spheres of scholarly study in the discipline of kinesiology History Biomechanics Sociology Physiology

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