GSU PSYC 3510 - Exam 1 Study Guide (2 pages)

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Exam 1 Study Guide

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Exam 1 Study Guide


Exam 1 covers only Chapter 1

Study Guide
Georgia State University
Psyc 3510 - Intro Research Design & Analys
Intro Research Design & Analys Documents

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PSYC 3510 1st Edition Exam 1 Study Guide I Benefits of the Consumer Role A It is necessary to read with curiosity and to carefully choose research for reliable information from Incorrect information 1 Evidence Based Treatments Essential to implementing and understanding effective treatment Plans teaching methods etc II Empirical Support is key 1 Use evidence from the senses or instruments to assist the senses Thermometers Photographs Questionnaires as the basis of conclusions C Theory Data Cycle 1 Theory Describes how variables relate to one another 2 Hypothesis Prediction The specific outcome the researcher expects to observe 3 Data A set of observations 4 Following theory research questions and then research design D Study The Cupboard Theory vs the Contact Comfort Theory E Features of Good Theories 1 Falsifiability Could fail to support the theory 2 Parsimony All other things being equal the simplest solution is the best 3 Either support or are consistent with or inconsistent with or complicate Theories never PROVE F Data collection 1 Population 2 Sample 3 Parameters 4 Descriptive 5 Inferential III Types of Research A Applied Research Done with a practical problem in mind Findings directly applied to the solution 1 Example Empirical evidence decides the efficacy of a treatment for depression in trauma survivors B Basic Research Not intended to address a specific practical problem More to enhance general knowledge Important for later applied studies 1 Example Understanding the capacity for human memory C Translational Research The use of lessons of basic research to develop and test applications to Health care psychotherapy or other treatments and intervention 1 Rubber Hand Illusion IV The Publication Process A Research papers are submitted for peer review B Journalism Newspaper articles news and magazines are the avenues in which scientists research is made understandable to the layperson C Determine the difference between importance and sensational D Research

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