UT GOV 312L - Discussion on 9/11 (3 pages)

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Discussion on 9/11

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Discussion on 9/11


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Gov 312l - Issues and Policies in American Government

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GOV 312L 1st Edition Lecture 4 Current Lecture Outline I II III IV V VI Discussion on 9 11 The constitution executive authority and foreign policy National security bureaucracy and bureaucratic politics War and the expansion of executive authority Interview with Bobby Chesney Wrap up Current Lecture Notes Remembering 9 11 as a watershed o Shift to terrorists and states harboring terrorists as chief threat o Changes in public opinion debate over trade off between security and liberty o Increased domestic security measures due to vulnerability o Increased presidential authority o Transformative event in American politics US became vulnerable to attack Changed the lives of all ages people living there and far The Constitution and Presidential Authority on Foreign Policy o Commander in chief clause president shall be commander in chief of navy and army of the US presidents use this to justify their use of force around the world such as for war armed conflict o Constitution allows president to make treaties with advising of the Senate o Article 2 section 1 gives president broad executive powers o Any powers over foreign policy that aren t given to someone else explicitly lie with the president o Separation of powers and policies Article 1 section 8 says Congress shall have the power to declare war and to raise and support armies Congress hasn t officially declared a war since World War 2 but US has fought wars conflicts since then so this clause is a bit ambiguous Part of Madison s separation of powers and checks and balances systems Parliament fusion of executive and legislative powers o o o o o o Parliament has a prime minister Separate elections means separate constituencies having huge effects on mentality of president and Congress Also separate by fixed terms president for 4 years Senators for 6 years and House members for 2 years President and his National Security Council play an integral role They prevent groups from getting in their way so they can complete

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