CSU BMS 300 - Using RNA in Protein Translation (5 pages)

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Using RNA in Protein Translation

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Using RNA in Protein Translation


Includes how the RNA synthesizes and translates.

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Colorado State University- Fort Collins
Bms 300 - Principles of Human Physiology
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BMS 300 1st Edition Lecture 10 Outline of Last Lecture I RNA and its transcription from DNA RNA types 1 mRNA 2 tRNA 3 rRNA 4 regulatory RNA structure 1 5 carbon sugars ribose 2 phosphodiester bonds 3 bases purines adenine guanine pyrimidines cytosine uracil II RNA polymerase and transcription initiation III Promoter where you start TATA box These notes represent a detailed interpretation of the professor s lecture GradeBuddy is best used as a supplement to your own notes not as a substitute IV Transcription factor DNA binding protein to promoter recruitment of RNA polymerase V Transcription of RNA from DNA read DNA 3 to 5 generate RNA 5 to 3 VI RNA editing cut out introns leave exons edit RNA in nucleus VII RNA to cytoplasm leave exons translation RNA s working together Outline of Current Lecture VIII Protein translation on ribosomes in the cytoplasm required RNA 1 mRNA codons for the amino acid sequence 2 tRNA carries specific amino acid 3 rRNA forms ribosomes which is a catalyst of peptide bond formation concept of a codon 1 set of three bases to encode on amino acid 2 start codon AUG 3 open reading 4 stop codon IX Cytoplasmic proteins deposited into cytoplasm synthesized on free ribosomes X Transmembrane secreted liposomal proteins rough XI Targeting the ribosome mRNA complex to ER signal peptide 1 NH2 end of protein 2 series of hydrophobic amino acids 3 role of signal recognition particle SRP receptor ribosome reception protein translator in ER transmembrane protein Current Lecture Recap from last lecture rRNA is large and has a small ribosome sub unit tRNA is the transfer RNA RNA s working in concert to synthesize protein take the edited mRNA strand which is from 5 to 3 and when there is a combination of AUG that is the start codon the small ribosome sub unit attaches at the bottom of the mRNA around the 5 cap and the large ribosome subunit attaches to the top of the mRNA then a transfer RNA comes and attaches at the start codon sight with anticodons at the

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