Roaring Twenties

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Roaring Twenties

The roaring twenties and touches a little on Hoover, "The Great Humanitarian"

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HIST 106 1st Edition Lecture 11 Outline of Last Lecture The Great War • War in Europe, beginning in 1914 Shaky Alliances & the Catalyst for War Developments in Warfare Trench Warfare combined with New Technology Submarine Warfare The Sinking of the Lusitania • U.S. Neutrality, June 1914-April 1917 Focus on Progressive Reforms at Home Despite American Imperialism, United States still essentially Isolationist Different Reasons for Isolationism Interventionist Minority Preparedness • The United States at War, April 1917-November 1918 The Zimmerman Telegram & the Declaration of War Mobilizing the Home Front Selective Service Act The Committee on Public Information & Other New Federal Agencies Volunteerism Progressives at War Paying for the War U.S. Military Involvement and the Allied Victory • An Uneasy Peace Wilson and the Fourteen Points Legacies of the War POLITICS, CLASS, AND CULTURE IN THE LATE 1910S & 1920S ** I realize this is a long outline. We’re going to be discussing a lot of different things, so I wanted to provide you all as much information as possible on the outline to help you follow along. I’m hoping to get through the entire first section, “The Home Front: At War and After War.” We will most likely need to save the section on “The Roaring Twenties” for next Tuesday. I *think* that even if we need to save that section for next week, we’ll still be able to get through next week’s scheduled lectures.** The Home Front: At War and After War – Wartime Civil Liberties and the Red Scare Espionage and Sedition Acts Creation of Bureau of Investigation (becomes FBI) Eugene V. Debs Schenck v. United States Movement for 100% Americanism Lynching of Robert Prager American Protective League Repression of Radical Labor Groups The Wobblies The Bolshevik Revolution and the Red Scare Strikes, Mail Bombings, and Deportation – Women Win the Vote National American Woman Suffrage Association National Woman’s Party 19th Amendment – A Great War for Civil Rights? Race Riots African Americans in the Great War The Red Summer Civil Rights Activism Responses: Revival of the KKK and Immigration Restrictions The Roaring Twenties – The Business of America Changing Republican Ideas The Auto Age – New Mass Culture Culture of Consumption Movies & Radio – Tradition vs. Modernity Movements to Reassert Traditional Values Prohibition Christian Fundamentalism & Evolution Divisions in the Women’s Movement Outline of Current Lecture African Americans in the Great War (we did part of this last Thursday) The Red Summer Civil Rights Activism Responses: Revival of the KKK and Immigration Restrictions The Roaring Twenties – The Business of America

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