World War I continued

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World War I continued

This lecture continues the notes on WWI and American involvement in the war.

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HIST 106 2nd Edition Lecture 16 Outline of Last Lecture I. Introduction II. The origins of conflict III. American attitudes IV. The economy of war V. The diplomacy of neutrality VI. The battle over preparedness Outline of Current Lecture I. Descent into war II. Managing the wartime economy III. Women and minorities: New opportunities, old inequities IV. Financing the war V. Social engineering VI. Suppressing dissent Current Lecture  Descent into war o Intro/context  Wilson knew that America’s involvement in the war was inevitable  1915-1916: tried to mediate the European conflict and in 1917, he appealed to belligerent nations to not keep the conflict  Plan for peace without victory and without this plan, there would be another war  New world order should be organized on national equality, arms reduction, freedom of the seize, and an international organization to ensure peace (an American vision) o “No thanks. Not interested”  Neither the allies nor the other sides were interested because they sacrificed too much to not have a victory  Germany resumed unrestricted submarine warfare and they hoped that this would cut the allies’ supply from America of o Calling Wilson’s bluf  Germany decided to unleash all of their submarines and now Wilson, against the will of many Americans and the Senate, armed American soldiers o Germany FAIL

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